Customized stays will be organized to offer to The Conference of Parties (COP22) participants the opportunity to discover Moroccan culture & Traditions.



Located at 250 km from Marrakech, Casablanca is the economic capital of the Kingdom and the most important centre of trade and industry. In Arabic, it is called ‘’Dar El Beida: White House’’, Casablanca is the third biggest city in Africa after Cairo and Johannesburg. It is a beautiful, big and modern city with human dimensions, with moderate height buildings that give a feeling of reinsurance by the regularity of their form.


Hassan II Mosque (Additional internal Visit)

Jewel of the Moroccan architecture, built on water, this is the third largest mosque in the world after Saudi Arabia. The hall can hold 25,000 worshipers in addition to 80,000 on the esplanade. (Minimun 12 € per person)


La Sqala

A rearranged old historic site, La Sqala represents a side of the heritage of Casablanca. Facing the harbour, its restaurant serves typical Moroccan food. All of Morocco refinement is revealed in this mythical place in a subtle Moorish design. Being in open air, and ideally located behind the ramparts of the old medina, La Sqala is a space of life and cultural events where you can enjoy an Andalusian garden or attend oriental music (every Thursday, Friday and Saturday). And even beside lunch and dinner times, La Sqala adapts to your hours and your desires: F’tour from 8 am to noon, gourmet break between 4 and 7 pm. La Sqala
is open daily until midnight.


The Arab League Park

Crosscut by a long line of palm trees, it is an immense field of greenery where arcades, pergolas and shaded terraces invite you for a break.


Habous Area

A picturesque area with plots and narrow streets lined with arcades, ‘Habous’ gathers shops of Moroccan craftsmanship mainly.




Day 1

• Departure 2 pm / Arrival 5:30 pm
• Check-in at the hotel
• Dinner

Day 2

• Guided tour of the city
• Lunch
• Return 4 pm / Arrival 7.30 pm