Morocco has preserved its rich folklore which is nowadays an important cultural patrimony. It varies from one region to another. The most appreciated and famous shows of Moroccan folklore are : Gnawa, Ahidous, Fantasia, Ahouash.




Very rich and creative handicraft, the most famous creations are carpets which are exported to many western countries, leather, jewellery. Generally Handicrafts are exhibited in Galleries, and Bazaars. Bargaining is a habit and a tradition.
Morocco has managed to preserve the skills of its traditional craftsmen, which have been handed down from generation to generation. An enormous range of traditionally-made items, from the rustic to the more elaborate, can be bought all over Morocco. The most kown products are the carpets, basketwork, jewellery, leatherwork and woodwork.




Estimated to be one of the most refined, Moroccan cuisine varies from one region to another. The most popular dishes are : Tagine, Couscous, Pastilla. Food is usually well balanced, moderately and carefully spiced.



Sports Activities,

Golf : The Kingdom is a real paradise for golfers, with more than 200 holes spread over superb courses (more than 14 courses), which were designed by famous designers such as : Robert Trent Jones, Cabell B Robinson. Golfing on a Moroccan course brings a lot of enjoyment !
Horse-Riding : It is more than a sport, it is a tradition. Once or twice a year you can attend or just admire the show of the international championships celebrated at DAR SALAM in RABAT.
Tennis : Almost all 4/5 star hotels have tennis courts. In Agadir and Casablanca many championships are organised.




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