At the North-West of Africa, Morocco is at only 14 km from Spain:
- Less than 4 hour flight from the main European capitals and 7 hours from New York.
- The global surface area is about 710 850 km² .
- Physically, the country predominantly is open to the sea, with 2500 km of Atlantic shores and 500 km of Mediterranean shores .
- A country of contrasts : mountain chains, valleys, plains, desert, beaches...



The Moroccan Population is a mixture of many ethnic groups and races : the Berbers and the Arabs.
Estimation of the actual population : 32 million inhabitants ; a young population of 70% is under 30



The Arabic and Berber are the Official Languages of Morocco; French is the administrative language for private companies, Spanish is spoken in the North ; English is familiar to the majority of educated people and is also spoken in tourist cities.
Berber dialect is spoken in Southern and rural areas



Morocco is among the most advanced African countries ; its road network is the most modern in North Africa with 60 000 Km ; its airports are very modern. The accommodation capacity in Morocco is quite good and respects the standard norms of quality.
Total capacity is about 100 000 Beds. Hotels offer convenient and basic services respecting norms of safety and hygiene.



- Rabat : Capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. One of the imperial cities.
- Casablanca : Big trade and industry centre, economic capital.
- Marrakesh : Southern capital, with a big tourism potential.
- Fez : Spiritual and cultural capital, the oldest imperial city.
- Agadir : Famous and renowned spa resort.
- Tangier : The most cosmopolitan city of the Kingdom
- Meknes : Imperial city, with an attractive countryside.
- Ouarzazate: A beautiful southern city, with a local charm famous for its amazing countryside .



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